Credit Loan


GA Finance is part of MV Bank. You can go to this website for your loan between € 1,500 and € 75,000.


You can also contact them if you already have several loan with another lender. GA Finance will then investigate the possibilities for merging your current loan into a new loan. Often this results in a considerably lower interest rate than you are used to paying and that saves considerably in costs.



loan procedure


From the moment your response is registered with them, they will send you a confirmation via e-mail that your request has been received. The sooner you respond to this, the sooner they can inform you of the result of your application. In general, after completing your application completely, you can expect the answer within 2 hours.


Pay attention. If you have been in arrears in the repayment of your loan for a period of more than 3 months, you will be listed on the blacklist. If you are listed on this ‘black list’ they can unfortunately not be of service.


All costs for the loan are included in the Annual Cost Percentage (APR) or the interest charged on the loan amount. You do not have to pay any other costs outside of your monthly charge.


The repayment of the credit agreement is done with the help of a standing order. In this way you ensure that you always meet your obligation on time. A good tip, always check this, you would not be the first of whom the permanent assignments disappear or are blocked by all kinds of causes that have nothing to do with you.


The self-employed can also go to GA Finance. However, there are 2 conditions:


You have been self-employed for more than 2 years

You are in possession of an income tax assessment notice for a full financial year.

If you have a temporary employment contract, you can only turn to GA Finance if you find someone in your family or acquaintance with a permanent employment contract willing to enter into the agreement with you. However, we strongly advise against this.


If you work on the basis of an interim contract, the period must certainly be longer than 2 years.


You can go to GA Finance from the moment that

  • You are of age (18 years)
  • You are employed on a permanent basis
  • You have a seniority of at least 1 year.
  • The age limit has been set at 75 years.


The online application module

The online application module

 The online application module at GA Finance is very simple.

You indicate how much you wish to borrow, adjust the repayment time and you will immediately see how much this will cost you.

Then complete the no-obligation application form for an installment loan and click on ‘Send’.

An employee of GA Finance will call you as soon as possible in connection with your loan.

This way your application can be fully discussed with you.