Online Personal Credit Simulation Without Proof Of Expense

Looking for a personal loan to finance a project? Here is a complete file that will help you choose the most suitable formula for your case and that will avoid many traps.

For each project its loan

The term includes a whole series of devices that will allow you to receive funding without having to justify the expense. It therefore falls into the category of unrestricted loans .

I need a cash advance

Depending on your needs and the situation you are in, you have 3 options available.

The authorized overdraft

 The authorized overdraft

If your need for cash is between 500 and 2000 euros, you can ask your bank for a credit overdraft provided you negotiate the rate because the levels of agios practiced often flirt with the rates of wear.

However, well-negotiated, the overdraft solution has the advantage of having real flexibility ( no repayment plan imposed ) and settle the debt over a very short period. Be careful not to make a discovery without obtaining a written agreement from the bank, which would cause significant financial costs.

Request an advance from your employer


You do not always think about it, but a simple payday advance can solve a temporary financial problem. If you want to fill a bank overdraft of a few hundred euros or face an unexpected expense and your boss is understanding, know that a payday has two advantages:

  1. You benefit from a personal loan without interest.
  2. You can negotiate the repayment of the deposit over several months.


I want to finance a favorite purchase

To finance a sudden expense or an impromptu expense (decoration, appliances, computer equipment, etc.), all personal loans may be suitable. The choice of duration will obviously depend on the amount of your purchase and your repayment capacity.

Be aware that major retailers often offer to finance the purchase through their subsidiaries or partnerships with major banking groups.

Our advice: if you finance your purchase through a loan, remember to specify it on the order form. Thus, in case of refusal of funding by the store or your bank, you will benefit from the protection of the Consumer Code and you can denounce your acha t.

I have to replace my car

But take the time to compare the dealership proposal (all car brands offer a financing solution) with your bank’s. In general, the lenders do not require the vehicle to be pledged. If this were the case, remember that you can only sell your vehicle if the loan is settled

I will do some work

The type of funding depends on the amount of work. If you borrow more than 75,000 euros, you have to opt for a mortgage, which will allow on the one hand to benefit from a cheap rate and on the other hand to repay over a longer period (10 or 15 years) , which will reduce the monthly payment.

Below, an assigned loan will do the trick. The rate will be higher than a mortgage and the duration will hardly go beyond 7 years .


I want to help my children

If your children are pursuing long studies, be aware that many banks seek to attract future graduates by offering them personal loan formulas at 0%. However, a student loan needs to be a guarantor. Also think of public subsidies like OSEO that offer student loans.

Some alternatives

Borrow abroad

Many borrowers facing a refusal from a French bank are turning to financing solutions abroad. If you are considering such a solution, know that requests rarely succeed. Foreign banks are demanding in granting credit to non-national borrowers .

Loans between individuals

This is a popular formula that can work if you are careful to avoid the pitfalls. And they are many. Apart from the case of the family loan that we will not deal with and which is probably the best formula, obtaining a personal loan from an individual requires to respect a strict formalism (tax declaration among others).

On the other hand, many pitfalls await you as we indicate in our file on loans granted by individuals. Prêt-d’Union remains to this day the only body benefits from the ACP (Prudential Supervisory Authority) approvals necessary to exercise and strong shareholdings with Crédit Mutuel and AG2R LA MONDIALE).

Make a simulation

To simulate your personal loan, simply follow the instructions on the form. You can in just a few minutes, compare all the bank offers . Play the competition and take the time to think. Remember: whatever the amount and duration, a credit commits you.

If your request is for financing of less than one thousand euros, we advise you to pay back over a short period to reduce the overall cost. In any case, for small amounts, you will hardly find offers over a period of more than two years.

duration Monthly APR Cost
12 months $ 184 12% $ 116.64
24 months € 99 19% $ 378.48
35 months $ 74 19% $ 548.58

As you can see in the table above, the 12-month personal loan is the most economical solution. Beyond a period of one year, the rates quickly become dissuasive.


You benefit from the protection of the Consumer Code if your personal credit is between € 200 and € 75,000. The Law requires banks and major retailers to specify on the advertisements and offers the APR (annual percentage rate of charge) which takes into account all the costs impacting your loan.

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 If you liked this article, do not hesitate to talk about it on social networks  

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