As I’m sure almost everyone would agree that football’s finances have gotten ridiculous over the years, the gap between the top and the bottom of the pyramid has grown much wider.
Over the years they have introduced various measures to limit this, most of them very weak attempts to allay the growing dissatisfaction with the system, things like FFP and minimal compensation for Academy players, etc.

Got an idea, did a quick check but couldn’t find anything. So if this has been suggested before, I apologize.

The idea … To ensure that the money is redistributed more generously and more equitably in the football pyramid. How about adding a 10% clause to all contracts signed by a player. Thus, 10% of all transfer fees during this player’s career are reserved to be distributed to all the clubs in which he played as a young player. See as often the clubs that provide the basics to the players never really benefit from their development.

I think this would greatly benefit the much smaller provincial clubs, but not really take much away from the better clubs, who are more likely to reject any restrictions on financial matters to make the leagues fairer.

The only issues I can see with this so please say if I missed anything obvious is – The transfer fee increase to compensate for the extra 10% (but that would still be an advantage for lower clubs)
– more free transfers (isn’t that really a good thing for lower clubs)
– Players who have the bump to always have added it to their contracts (Doubtful, what kind of player would not want to help a club that gave them a chance)
– Bigger clubs (they would also benefit from the players they coached, so they are unlikely to disagree)
– International players would be the most difficult, because it would have to be made by all federations to make it fair, because if this were only implemented in English football, there would perhaps be a greater increase in purchases of foreign players , which would be more detrimental to the English game as a whole.

Please be kind to me in your comments, I am a new poster but have supported the city for 25 odd years and have read this forum every now and then since then,


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