The fund’s innovative and optimized strategy has increased assets by almost 15 in the past year

SEOUL, South Korea, July 06, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Qraft AI ETFs, a series of cutting-edge ETFs leading in actively managed artificial intelligence funds, announces that the Qraft US Large Cap Momentum AI Enhanced ETF (NYSE: AMOM) surpassed $ 50 million in assets under management. This milestone comes after a year of explosive growth, marked by an increase of nearly 1,500% from its total of $ 4.22 million in August 2020.

Qraft’s AMOM ETF aims to provide investors with balanced exposure to factors that have historically been associated with strong investment returns among large-cap US stocks. In this pursuit, the fund’s strategy relies on AI technology to find high alpha factors and extract investment strategies that seek to offer potential outperformance and purer exposure to the momentum factor.

“Over the past year, investors have found that there is great potential in the markets to witness what was previously unthinkable,” said Francis Geeseok Oh, Managing Director and Head of ETFs Qraft. “As markets continue to evolve and volatility becomes the new nature of investing, passive management will no longer meet the changing needs of investors. Turning to the efficiency and adaptive nature of artificial intelligence as a fund management tool is a natural advance in finance. We are excited to lead the way in this area and see our recent growth as an indication that investors are ready and willing to engage in these technologies.

AMOM’s steady growth occurs during a period of continued market volatility; testifying to the resilience of the fund’s underlying strategy and the capabilities of the company’s AI machine learning technologies. The fund has continuously outperformed its benchmark, accumulating approximately $ 53 million in assets with a total return of 14.57% YTD and 51.46% in one year, compared to the total return of the S&P 500 Momentum Index. by 11.94% YTD and 35.34% in one year.

The fund’s performance hinges on its ability to accurately anticipate fluctuations in popular stock prices – a trend that has boosted markets over the past year as memes stocks have grown in popularity with individual investors. For example, in August 2020, AMOM sold its Tesla shares (NYSE: TSLA) in response to recommendations from its AI. The share price fell 14% shortly thereafter and another 10% in October. Following a further reassessment, AMOM reinvested in Tesla in November and bought continuously until January, when Tesla represented 6.7% of its portfolio. Before the start of February, AMOM sold all of its holdings in Tesla when the stock was at its highest.

The monthly redistributions of the fund serve as a reflex to the markets, allowing crucial changes at key inflection points in order to optimize the performance of the fund and generate gains in line with market dynamics. These key differentiators allow Qraft’s funds to differentiate themselves from their competitors and continue to deliver impressive performance to its investors.

About Qraft

Qraft is a financial technology company focused on driving innovative growth in the asset management industry with AI. Qraft currently has four IA ETFs (tickers: QRFT, AMOM, HDIV, NVQ) listed on the New York Stock Exchange and offers other products such as a robotic advisory solution and an IA order execution system. From data processing to alpha research and portfolio execution, Qraft has had a successful track record of developing innovative AI solutions that have been adopted by leading financial institutions and transformed into products and services of Successful AI.

Qraft AI ETFs provide low-cost, actively managed exposure to large-cap US stocks by allowing artificial intelligence to 100% manage all stock selection processes. We believe that with AI, investors can gain balanced exposure to factors historically associated with strong returns. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a high level of alpha at a lower cost.

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