Walker’s campaign did not respond directly to criticism from former officials. But in a statement, Walker’s spokesman Austin Altenburg slantedly criticized Jadin’s management of the WEDC, citing a non-partisan note from the Legislative Audit Office in May 2013, seven months after Jadin left the office. ‘agency.

Among other things, this audit found that the WEDC “did not have sufficient policies, including some that are required by law, to administer its programs effectively,” “awarded grants, loans and credits to tax to ineligible beneficiaries, for ineligible projects and amounts. that exceeded specified limits ”and“ did not consistently perform program monitoring tasks required by law, such as monitoring contract recipients’ performance, and could more clearly report on the number of jobs created and retained through its programs. “

“The WEDC has enjoyed tremendous success after leaving the days of Paul Jadin’s leadership,” said Altenburg, calling it “the linchpin of huge wins and well-paying jobs in Wisconsin Comeback, especially in bringing Amazon, Haribo and Foxconn to Wisconsin. “

In a statement, MadREP board chairman Tim Gaillard praised Jadin’s leadership over the past six years, saying MadREP has played a vital role in advancing the region’s economy. of Madison, had “raised the stature” of the region at the national level and created “believers” in economic development at the local level.


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