Archer: That’s why you do it this way rather than just buying stocks and holding them. You say, “I’m so convinced.”

Archer: “That I’m going to risk it all out of pocket right now. I’m not going to pay anything out of pocket right now. I think it’s going to go straight to the moon.”

Gilles: Yes, [laughs] which, again, stores memes recently. [laughs] By the way, all actions even are terrible thoughts for this type of strategy. Well, because this is something we used to laugh at our friend Jim Mueller before, but it is something, the subject that Jim and I have talked about a number of times, is the concept of process oriented results. You can have a great process and have a sub-optimal result. You can have a terrible process and get amazing results. I’m going to humbly suggest that what’s going on right now with AMC, the meme stock guys out there, or Blackberry, if you like, and I’ll pick one of Canada‘s fallen heroes, GameStop. I will humbly suggest that what happens with these stocks, with the daily increases of 12, 15, 20% or more, followed by daily drops of 15, 20%, that is, people who play games. games.

Archer: Oh, yeah, this is the game.

Gilles: This is the game. I like my investing and especially my investing options to be boring.

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