The flexible rail season tickets go on sale Monday, but they will only save money for some passengers.

Here, the PA News Agency answers key questions about the new tickets.

– What do the tickets allow me to do?

The new Flexi Season allows unlimited travel between two stations for eight days over a period of 28 days.

Passengers search for train information at Waterloo Station in London (Michael Stephens / PA)

– Who will it benefit?

People who travel two or three days a week at peak times will save money by using tickets on certain routes.

– How much could I save?

The minimum discount for using a Flexi Season compared to a monthly ticket on the same journey is 20%.

The Department of Transportation says part-time commuters on some routes will save hundreds of pounds per year.

– What if I only commute one day a week?

You’d better buy daily tickets.

– How about four or five days a week?

An annual subscription will likely remain your cheapest option.

– How to get one of these flexible tickets?

They are available at railway sites and applications, as well as at some station ticket offices.

– How are tickets issued?

New tickets are only available as a smart card or barcode ticket.

– How to use them?

You must activate your pass on the day of travel by “touching” a yellow reader on a door, a platform validator, a ticket machine or by using the National Rail Smartcard application.

– Can I travel in first class?

No. Flex Season tickets are only valid for standard class travel.

– Are there any other discounts for children?

Tickets are only sold at the adult price.

– I bought one. When can I use it?

The new tickets can be used from June 28.

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