FYidoctors Named Exclusive Canadian Market Assessment Partner for the First Drug-Release Contact Lens that Provides Vision Correction for People with Eye Allergies

CALGARY, AB, April 28, 2021 / CNW / – FYidoctors, the world’s largest optometrist-controlled eye care company, announced today that it has secured exclusive Canadian access to market assessments for 2021 for the first and only contact lens in the world. world release of drugs for vision correction and allergic itchy eyes: ACUVUE® Theravision â„¢ with Ketotifen.

ACUVUE® Theravision â„¢ with Ketotifen is the world’s first and only drug-release contact lens for the correction of vision and allergic itchy eyes. (CNW Group / FYidoctors)

The announcement comes after Health Canada granting approval to Johnson & Johnson Vision on the innovative contact lens. ACUVUE® Theravision ™ with Ketotifen provides relief for people with seasonal allergies through the use of ketotifen, a histamine H1 receptor blocker for the prevention of itching associated with eye allergies.

It is estimated that over 10 million Canadians suffer from seasonal allergies in which itchy eyes are a common symptom. In addition to irritation, itchy eyes have an impact on vision and can make the regular tasks of contact lens wearers bothersome.

“For years, Canadians who use contact lenses and suffer from seasonal allergies have had to smile and put up with the itchy rash on their contact lenses or switch to glasses and eye drops. Alan ulsifer, CEO and President of FYidoctors. “FYidoctors is committed to providing the latest technology to its patients and is proud to be the exclusive supplier of this innovative lens for 2021 – pursuing our vision to improve the lives of millions of Canadians.”

A limited introduction of ACUVUE® Theravision ™ with Ketotifen through the FYidoctors clinic network will evaluate the product on the market in Canada. Full Canada The launch by all eligible partners of Johnson & Johnson Vision will follow in 2022.

“By delivering new eye care technology to help practitioners meet the needs of their patients, we demonstrate our commitment to changing the trajectory of eye health to improve quality of life.” said Ted Lachmansingh, Canadian Commercial Director, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Division of Johnson & Johnson Inc.

FYidoctors will perform ACUVUE® Theravision ™ with Ketotifen is available at over 220 locations across the country. Canadians interested in learning more about contact lenses can visit www.fyidoctors.com to make an appointment with an optometrist.

About FYidoctors

FYidoctors is the world’s largest provider of ophthalmic products and services, controlled by an optometrist. A privately owned and operated optometrist-owned eye care company with more than 550 optometrists, 270 sites and 3,000 employees, the organization strives to provide exceptional eye care to patients. Named one of From Canada Best Managed Companies in 2020 and 2021, Home Office is located at Calgary, Alberta, and the company owns and operates a fully automated free-form laboratory and dispensing facility located in Delta, British Columbia.

For more information on FYidoctors, please visit www.fyidoctors.com.

About ACUVUE® Theravision ™ with Ketotifen

ACUVUE® Theravision ™ Contact Lenses with Ketotifen are daily disposable contact lenses for correcting refractive ametropia (myopia and hyperopia) in phakic or aphakic patients who are suitable for wearing contact lenses and have allergic itchy eyes. with allergic conjunctivitis and who have no red eye (s) or more than 1.00 D astigmatism. The lens contains a histamine H1 receptor antagonist for the prevention of itching associated with allergic conjunctivitis experienced by contact lens wearers to promote comfortable wearing of contact lenses. Prevention of itching has been shown to last up to 12 hours in clinical trials; however, the lens can be worn for more than 12 hours for vision correction. Pediatrics (12 years of age and older): The safety and efficacy of ACUVUE® Theravision ™ with ketotifen in pediatric patients have been established.

FYidoctors is the world's largest provider of physician-owned ophthalmic products and services.  (CNW Group / FYidoctors)

FYidoctors is the world’s largest provider of physician-owned ophthalmic products and services. (CNW Group / FYidoctors)

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